Cool Features of the Samsung Transform

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Korean tech mogul, Samsung, has released another mid-ranged smart phone called the Samsung Transform, which proceeds the Samsung Moment and the Samsung Intercept. Priced at only $150 after mail-in rebate, it has already gained a following of customers and bloggers who have been impressed with the features it includes for its price, such as a tactile QWERTY keyboard in addition to the digital touch screen keyboard, an LED flash and both front and rear facing cameras, and 3.5 inch touch screen. It also looks like the Samsung Transform has also garnered the potential to be a gaming device, although it is not comparable to a dedicated device for gaming such as a Nintendo DS or Sony PSP. Nonetheless, it is possible to do some light gaming with the Transform, and this will be discussed in this article, along with information about some of the accessories you can purchase.

Perhaps the best way to game with the Samsung Transform is to buy Nesoid, a Nintendo NES emulator. This emulator will allow you to play NES roms and original NES games on your Android phone. This means you have Donkey Kong, Final Fantasy, Zelda, Mario, and similar games at the tip of your fingers once you download them. It’s fun, it’s easy, and it’s retro. What’s not to like?

The first of the two accessories, an extra battery, is really useful when you’re planning on going out on a long day without having access to any place to plug in a charger to an outlet or a car charger in your vehicle. While the Samsung Transform already comes with a decent amount of battery life, it is still a smart phone, and like any other smart phone, whenever you use it for more than its basic phone capabilities, you will significantly decrease the battery life. To top it off, almost every smart phone on the market these days comes with a bright and large touch screen that is typically at least 3.5 inches across diagonally, and this device is no exception.

Such a large screen inevitably drains battery life, and if you don’t have a charger or an extra battery handy, you can easily run out of juice just when you need it most, which is the fastest way to render even the most useful smart phone useless. Fortunately, such damage is preventable, and if you buy an extra battery, you won’t have to worry nearly as much about this happening to you.

The second accessory, a holster, might sound like a simplistic addition that you can live without, but it is actually an useful addition that you should consider if you’re planning on buying a Transform. This is because the Transform doesn’t come with any way of attaching itself to your body directly through the phone; you basically stick it in your pocket and go on your way. Although this may be enough for most people, some of the more traditional users (And you probably are if you are interested in a phone that includes a tactile keyboard), you will probably appreciate having the ability to attach your phone to your person, which is exactly what a holster lets you do.

With the release of a great phone, you’ll need Samsung Transform accessories, please visit Think Mobile Solutions and choose the best Samsung Transform screen protectors for your needs.

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Cool Features of the Samsung Transform

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This article was published on 2010/12/09