The Newest Android 2.1 OS Smart Phone H6 from China Umibuy

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After sharing the latest quad sim card quad standby mobile phone, continue its step to recomending more special and powerful China phone to in appreciate the old and new customers all over the world.


This time, strongly provide you a cheapest smart phone H6 with the newest Android 2.1 operating system. Now follow the writer to get a glimps of this cool phone.


1. Newest Android 2.1 OS

Unlike previous Android smart phone, this H6 phone upgrade to the latest Android 2.1 operating system. By equipping with the 2.1 OS, the functions will be more powerful. And the experience of the phone will be more wonderful and comfortable.


2. Support Wifi and Java

This China GSM phone also supports WIFI and Java application. With this feature, no matter where is hot spot, users will surf the internet wireless without any extra charge. Moreover, coz it is a smart phone, its internet experience will be more powerful and wonderful than the common phone with WIFI function.


Except WiFi, it can also support Java application. Based on Java application, users can enjoy fashion and popular applications like e-Buddy, Opera ,Face book, Google Map, Skype, etc. Certainly, it can support some other Java applications download. Together with WiFi, without a computer, users can use this fashionable application conveniently and comfortable with a PC like feeling.


3. Support GPS

This Cheapest smart phone can also support GPS function. That means, the phone can be a preferred portable navigation device for users while taking a trip or losing directions, etc. It is really a perfect driving partner for drivers. No need other GPS or Car GPS, just carrying a light phone, drivers will not lose their way and take a safe driving.


4. Support G-sensor

Also, this Android 2.1 OS phone comes with G-sensor. Users can experience a very cool operation of shaking to change themes and songs. It is very convenient to operate. Without press any key, just shake the phone gently, the phone will switch to the next in the list. Really cool, isn't it?


5. Cheapest price

Generally speaking, almost all the smart phones in China market have a higher price. However, this H6 phone provide you the lowest price with extremely high functions and quality. It is only sold with 139.99 usd. It is affordable indeed.


As the loyal partner of China electronics, sincerely welcome the new and old customers to browse this cheapest smart phone for reference. Certainly,'s other China phone will also the great choices for customers.

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The Newest Android 2.1 OS Smart Phone H6 from China Umibuy

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This article was published on 2010/10/18